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05 June 2017 - LbffUnuse
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21 December 2015 - AUk9V2ZjJ
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11 December 2013 - Vlad
I just discovered the coolest website around. Screw Facebook, going forward this is where I’m gonna put up all my ill-advised rants.

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27 January 2012 - Brighton Belle
A real visitor! Also with too much time on hands. Magnificent achievement Mr Dooley... gold star on your board! PS I want a treasure hunt too :-)

19 June 2011 - nick oldham
Hi bob hows tricks just thought id say hello and hope all is good in old blighty

28 August 2007 - Bob Dooley
I am from Lebanon Mo and I am a Bob Dooley also!

05 July 2007 - Cade Wynn
I can draw a little pictur. Cade Wynn.

27 February 2007 - Zlue Irwin
Hell is underground

08 February 2007 - Taomy Oemb
Shit happens, is it?

30 January 2007 - Zaghy Lamny
Drugs sucks!

15 January 2007 - Opra Win
Strange things happens too many times to be just an occasion

09 January 2007 - Zaika Pu
Girls, have fun, not boys

12 December 2006 - Poppy Lock
Why, i am asking why all this happens

28 September 2006 - Chris aka the stag
Bob long time no vist for me, so sorry about the mug it had a good life. Cheers for coming on the stag do @ the weekend good to see ya. see you in 10 days.

23 January 2006 - gsj
good to see you again. bizarre, but surprisingly good. perhaps helen can somehow facilitate another before the end of the current decade?

23 January 2006 - gsj
can we expect the bob dooley action figure any time soon?

12 December 2005 - Ross
Cool site mate, don’t listen to all da retards that say its crap! bye :-)

02 December 2005 - Roy
Great site, but can’t get into the football shirts page gosh darn it

01 December 2005 - LEON EMSLEY
this site is amazing man!!!!!!!! hoe the hell did u get all these cool things! genius!!!!!!!!!!!

01 December 2005 - DANNY MATTH!!!!
wow this is amaaaaazing! how do u come up with the ideas?!?!?! im still in amazement shock :O n e way BYEEEE!!! YAY RABIES!!!

18 November 2005 - shoe face
wat the hell is this place calverton represent

09 September 2005 - Macaroni
I’m adding your website to: www.webpagesthatsuck as it is a pile of dogwank. Keep the site up for a little while longer so I can get prize for my entry.

09 September 2005 - Macaroni
This website is the shittest site I’ve ever seen in my entire life - where the fook is the navigation and who is that ugly twat in the picture?!? Most websites have some structure of navigation?!? This is garbage!

12 August 2005 - JASON "THE WEASEL"
found it at last. come on england.

14 July 2005 - Dave D Punk Rock Band...

12 June 2005 - Bob
Oh dear, it looks like another long period of inactivity in the Guest Book. I perhaps ought to tell a few more people about this site. Go on, leave a message if you’re reading this, you know you want to.....

04 March 2005 - Ste Townley
wait a minute, on the 2/8/04 you left a message that was 274 characters including spaces. What is this? One rule for one and another for another? Stop trying to control us Hilter. What happened to free press? This is meant to be a democracy. God help us!

04 March 2005 - Ste Townley
Some of you out there will have noticed my last message was 254 characters long with spaces. You can only use 255 characters. To achieve this feat I simply typed it up in word first, did a word count and altered it accordingly. This one is 255 characters!

04 March 2005 - Ste Townley
I have known Matt since I was born (29 yrs ago, but I don’t look a day over 24 if you can see beyond the crows feet and receding hair line) and can confirm that he is not good looking and never has been. Actually, your link to seems very apt.

25 February 2005 - Matt Townley
Bob, I accept your apology on the condition that you never step out of line again. As you can see from the support that I received from the 4 corners of the world, other people will not accept this type of behaviour either.

25 February 2005 - Bob Dooley
I would like to use this forum to offer my sincere apologies to Matt, if truth be told I also agree with everything that he says. I can also confirm that he is very good looking. Sorry once again.

22 February 2005 - Matt Townley
The guest book has spoken.

22 February 2005 - Matao Townelli
I agree with that last comment, to silence Matt would be sacrilege. One of his comments are worth a thousand of these other idiots. I am willing to bet he is good looking too.

22 February 2005 - Mataus Townletti
I am from Italy, and have German heritage - hence the name. This Matt Townley is right in all his comments, they are the only thing worth reading in this sorry excuse for a guest book.

18 February 2005 - Bob
Matt - Stop slagging off this guest book and the people who sign it or I will ban you from it (although in fairness you are the only one who ever uses it)

16 February 2005 - Matt Townley
I can guarantee one thing, anyone who calls themself ’crazy’ is far from it.

05 February 2005 - Dutch bride
Hey Bob, all well? Wondered if the Bramhall wedding ever becomes old news??! Take care...

04 January 2005 - Matt Townley
Let me start the New Year as I mean to go on - You are all Scumbags

10 November 2004 - Matt Townley
Too right I’ve got comments, one

04 August 2004 - bob dooley
bob, really like your website. My name is Bob Dooley also, I typed in and got you. NO, I am not interested in buying my namesake website for a million bucks, just glad to know its in good hands. Take care Bob Dooley

03 August 2004 - crazy canadian

02 August 2004 - Bob
Oops sorry Kim, it sometimes goes months without anyone leaving one , so I’ve stopped checking it every few hours like I used to. It is very f#@$*%g nice to hear from you. Send me an email to and I can tell you stuff without fear of it being read by my mother.

01 August 2004 - crazy canadian would think that if you put a &^%@! guest book on the web you might check it from time to time. hope you are well, and have not been kidnapped by crazed columbian druglords or something...k and the canadian connection

21 June 2004 - Scottish bird and friend of the crazy Canadian
Can’t believe it could have been so easy to find you. If only I had been sensible enough to type in in the first place. Glad you are alive.

03 June 2004 - crazy canadian
so it is are still alive!! looks like old age has not tamed you and you are as mad as you ever were! Lots of love-k and the canuck connection

18 May 2004 - Our Kid
Aye-up the Doozer. As requested a new person signing the guest book. Regs Dean

06 May 2004 - Steve
Bob, congratulations on the City staying up (probably just for one more season). Hope to see you there with Palace next season. Cheers, Steve

22 April 2004 - Bob
No one seems to leave messages any more - I have to write them to myself

28 December 2003 - The world famous Pauly2pies
Emergency on planet Bob!! Am back in London but can’t get hold of Claire and consequently you aswell. Would love to meet up with both of you on Tuesday perhaps. You can call me on 8940 0222.

26 December 2003 - Nodd

12 December 2003 - NICCI&GEOFF&GEORGE

11 November 2003 - NICCI
Just wanted to say great pics George!! can we have some more please? pics of budgies might be a good idea!!??!!

11 November 2003 - NICCI
Hello again just to say RADIOHEAD 22/11/03

11 November 2003 - NICCI
Hello to anyone who knows me Geoff Tatler & George Tatler great site by the way!

20 October 2003 - George Tatler
For anyone who knows Nodd, Geoff Tatler, Jon Henney, John Jones or myself please go to

21 August 2003 - Mother in Law!
Good luck both of you, hope you have a happy time in your new flat. xxxxx

12 June 2003 - Sophie
Mon chèr Bob chéri. Ton site est toujours aussi chouette et cela permet de se maintenir à jour et d’avoir quelques nouvelles sites anglos-saxons les plus en vogue ! Continue bien Monsieur Beub !

09 May 2003 - captain arsehole
Thanks for caring

19 April 2003 - George Tatler
Great site, needs a Radiohead section though. saw the gunners stuff city 5-1.

05 April 2003 - Dudek !
Come on Bob Spread the word !, Great Photo’s mate

03 March 2003 - e-bay
One used mug for sale very cheap, a one off i think. Very very very rare ! ! !

26 November 2002 - Scott
I tried to say some nice stuff but i exceeded the ’255’characters in the field so sort it out Mr. D!!!

15 October 2002 - Sven
thanks for your suggestions but I don’t think that Darren Huckerby is ready for international footbball.......yet

06 October 2002 - Al and Al
go on, go!

17 September 2002 - Knowing me Chris Sanders knowing you Bob Dooley

08 September 2002 - john townley
alright bob? i’m just writing to confirm that you are on my list, just after prince william and the wedding photgrapher

03 September 2002 - Jane
Eileen and i are looking forward to seeing you on fri - save the last dance for me!!!

15 August 2002 - Andy
big bad mad hot dog von bob dooley really is quite mad indeed. make no mistake about that!

14 August 2002 - The dude
Are ya all reet?

14 August 2002 - Matt
You have got to love that top step

14 August 2002 - eva odraskova
you are so courage! both of us – Petra and me, we are so wild and when we are together it could be your death!

13 August 2002 - The Gomm Brothers
Sleep’s for wimps.................

13 August 2002 - Vanilla Ice

13 August 2002 - Bob
NEWSFLASH: The source of the floods has been traced to a man with a dripping wet shirt. His movements have been recorded on security cameras in several of the city’s seedier clubs, he is belived to be a big fan of Eminem and the 50 Krona note.

13 August 2002 -
OK who left the tap on in Prauge

12 August 2002 - Room 503
Please a live link to GOLDFINGERS. Wicked web site Bob.

12 August 2002 - Ste Townley
diddleyditdeedee! Excellent website Bob, but Is there any chance you can get a live link to Goldfingers?

12 August 2002 - clive ’ginger wizard’ gomm
I think i love you so what am i afraid of!!

11 August 2002 - To Mr Bob Dooley
Ive created a monster !!!!!!!!!!

11 August 2002 - 2 trailer park girls
2 trailer park girls go round the outside/ round the outside, round the out side

07 August 2002 - Mr Video Man
Sorry I don’t have any videos of the speeches at Rick and Claires wedding - I was too busy controlling my grandsons and son’s behaviour before flying down to Gatwick for the next wedding !!

18 July 2002 - Kelly
It is AMAZING the CRAPOLA one can find on the internet! Congrats on being a part of it all! (Don’t ever change!)

17 July 2002 - kristin
Lovely way to occupy your time and cyberspace! Thanks for the journey!

17 June 2002 - Gary
Very amusing mate. Your Guest book is getting quite full.

06 May 2002 - Diane Shields
Hey Bob, thanks for a lovely afternoon yesterday. Did the Doncaster Belles win?? Fab website, most entertaining xx

22 April 2002 - June-Gill’s mum
Remember me? I certainly remember you! Great web site. If you’re ever in North Wales come and visit!

22 April 2002 - Gill Lees
Great to see your talents haven’t been wasted!?! You do look rather fetching in an Alice band!

19 April 2002 - Rick Prince
Hi Bob Thanks for making da net a brighter place. I especially the links to Pheonix recycling, the north west’s leading recycling facility in toner cartriges and laser printer related products. Fantastic keep up the good work.

08 April 2002 - nick oldham
division one champions 2001/2002

02 April 2002 - Nodd
Good win yesterday mate

01 April 2002 - mr dooley senior
Also witnessed by Mr Lund senior

29 March 2002 - Bob
The pictures are there now Molly! Have a look at

28 March 2002 - Molly & Peter
No - your not the only visitor to the site -- but maybe the only "champion" ’cept you trashed the proof !!! Waiting for those fantastic pictures to appear.

14 March 2002 - Bob
I am getting visitors, it’s a miracle! Thank you all for your support, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you..Oh...I think I’m going to start crying

08 March 2002 - Emma
hi dools i am adding one more message so it makes your website look v. popular byeeeeee!

08 March 2002 - jeffery (soon to be Townley!!)
dools a.k.a Kegmeister i am impressed with your website - i feel more pics of you are needed, if not you - matt, if not matt - me!!!!!

08 March 2002 - em

05 March 2002 - Trev
Looks that way

24 February 2002 - Bob Dooley
Am I the only person to ever visit this page?

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